Main courses

  • Juicy ribs baked in oven
    Juicy ribs baked in oven58 zł

    served with plum sauce and backed potatoes with rosemary and garlic

  • Half duck in cranbery-orange sauce,
    Half duck in cranbery-orange sauce, 58 zł

    marniated in cumin served with carmelized apple and pear and mint noodles

  • Slowly roasted veal,
    Slowly roasted veal, 54 zł

    carrot puree, seasonal vegetables, Polish sauce

  • Pork tenderloin
    Pork tenderloin 46 zł

    with dumplings, stuffed cabbage , carrot and mushroom sauce

  • Chicken fillet
    Chicken fillet 38 zł

    with carrot and cauliflower puree, stewed curly kale and sweet peas

  • Pork chop
    Pork chop 38 zł

    with fried cabbage and potatoes with dill

  • Home-made
    Home-made 35 zł

    bigos with mushrooms and venison meat served in Old Polish bread

  • Stuffed cabbage
    Stuffed cabbage 35 zł

    with meat and rice                                       

  • Beef steak with potato puree
    Beef steak with potato puree 68 zł

    with sage and stewed kale, apple and zucchini beads and green pepper sauce

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