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The Culinary Traditions of Poland

The Dawne Smaki Restaurant will evoke your childhood memories.

When entering the restaurant, you feel the unforgettable atmosphere that will accompany you for a long time.

Our chefs inspired by traditional recipes and with their passion for cooking recreated an authentic, old Polish cuisine.

Broth with homemade noodles, roast duck with apples, potato pancakes or cheesecake made of cottage cheese – these are only a few items from our menu, that evoke positive memories of past years.

And what about the younger years? Duck with apples at the family holiday table? Trout form the rivers of Mazury region? And finally, golonka eaten for the first time with your father or uncle, certainly served with cold bear

Back then we all used to dream about being adults‪… Today we offer you a return to those days.

We would like to kindly invite you to our restaurant, where you will feel the atmosphere of a family home.

In the summer season the restaurant can hold up to 300 guests. There are two VIP rooms,160 covers in the courtyard garden and tables for 50 persons in front of the restaurant, in Nowy Świat Street.

You can organise your family celebrations here, as well as find a cosy quiet corner for intimate meetings or business appointments.

Here are some photos of our bigger garden

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